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At BearFeet Gymnastics we aim to provide safe and engaging classes right out of your local community center or school!


We want gymnastics to be accessible to everyone! Expect to pay half as much as you would at a big fancy gym but learn just as much! 


  Luckily the sport of gymnastics provides young athletes with all the fundamental movement skills needed to play any sport! How amazing is that?! We strive to make our classes engaging, creative and most of all fun! 

At BearFeet we focus on the FUNdamentals of gymnastics. 

These classes will ensure your kids have a solid

foundation on which to grow. They will have a blast

doing it, all the while making friends and creating memories.



Baby Bears (1-2 yrs)

Bear Cubs (2-3 yrs)

Rainbow Bears (3-4 yrs)

Spirit Bears (5-8 yrs)

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