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Happy Jumps

   Custom Curriculum for ages 1-8y            Recreational Gymnastics


               -Weekly lesson plans

                     -Game ideas

                     -Warm ups

               -Learning outcomes

                -Tips and Tricks! 

             -Created just for you! 

    Hey coaches need help?!

Are you a gymnastics coach or gym owner that is struggling to figure out what to do with your kiddos?! Struggling with curriculum and weekly lesson planning?! No idea what to do with your parent and tot classes?! It can all be really overwhelming! We are here to help! Message us with your curriculum needs and we are happy to customize weekly lessons plans designed specifically for your gym and your equipment!  We have many years experience writing curriculum and after working in community centers for as long as we have, we have gotten very creative with spaces and random equipment found in dusty closets!! We know how to create fun classes!  We can no doubt help you create meaningful lesson plans for your unique space and your students! We lesson plan in accordance with the NCCP guidelines for learning. Send us an email today to see what we can put together for you! 

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